Cable Park

Each cable park is individual

Full Size Cable

The water ski cableway (Full Size Cable) is a circuit with 5 or 6 towers, which can be placed in water or on land, with pulleys attached to their cantilevers. On the drive mast, high-precision technology is used to engage and disengage the driver’s tow lines on carriers that are attached to the constantly rotating pair of cables. The launch is from a glide ramp at the launch site. Depending on the length, up to 12 riders can use the facility simultaneously. A capacity of 300-500 customers per day, combined with low operating costs, is the key to success and profitability.

80 % of all riders on a Full Size Cable are wakeboarders. From beginners to pro riders, from young to old. After wakeboarding, water skiing, kneeboarding and wakeskate are the most common uses on a Full Size Cable.

Advantages of the wakeboarding system

Environmental and economic benefits

  • Lower operating costs: Cable systems are generally more cost-effective to operate than motorboats, as they require no fuel and have lower maintenance costs. Personnel costs are 6 times lower than for motorboats.
  • Year-round operation: In many locations, cable parks can operate all year round, providing the opportunity for consistent revenue.
  • Environmentally friendly: Cable parks have a smaller environmental footprint than motorboats, reducing water and air pollution since they do not emit exhaust or create large wakes that can erode shorelines.

Accessibility and inclusion

  • Space utilisation: Cable systems can be installed in various bodies of water, including man-made lakes, the sea, a river, a lagoon, a reservoir, making them versatile in terms of location.
  • Accessibility: Cable systems are more accessible to a broader range of people, including beginners and those with limited abilities, as they provide a controlled environment that is easier to learn in compared to open water.
  • Consistency: Cable systems offer consistent and repeatable riding conditions, which is beneficial for learning and practicing tricks.

Community and social aspects

  • Social environment: Cable parks foster a community atmosphere where riders can gather, exchange tips and socialise, enhancing the overall experience.
  • Events and competitions: Cable parks are ideal venues for international events, competitions and training camps, helping to promote the sport and attract spectators.

Operational efficiency

  • Higher rider capacity: Cable systems can handle up to 17 riders simultaneously, increasing throughput and reducing waiting times compared to boat-based wakeboarding where only one rider can ride at a time.
  • Predictable operations: Cable parks can operate on a fixed schedule, making it easier to manage sessions and accommodate large numbers of participants.


  • Safety: Cable parks have lifeguards, strict safety regulations and controlled conditions that reduce the risks associated with open water wakeboarding. In addition, the presence of other riders and staff can provide immediate assistance in the event of an accident.

The Modules of a Cable Park

Implementation completed within 3 months

Master Series

In addition to the Full Size Cable with 5 or 6 masts, we also offer 2-mast systems, which are a perfect complement to an FSC. The Master Basic, Master Silver and Master Gold are sophisticated and absolutely reliable systems, which are primarily used in professional cable parks, where stability and endurance of the components are important. The RIXEN 2-mast systems are used as training lifts for beginners as well as for ProRiders.  Perfect as a supplement to the Full Size Cable, as additional revenue and capacity can be generated here through beginner courses, pro training, complete rentals, group events and birthday events.

Features to complete your Full Size Cable

Success Stories

Water ski and wakeboard cableways all over the world tell their stories here. Discover which customers have already placed their trust in us and have been successful with it - in some cases several times over. Get first-hand insights into why our customers built the facilities, why RIXEN is a key element in their implementation, and learn how the customers' different visions were set up for success right from the start.