More Than A Green Investment

We Implement the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals!




1. People

Ensuring healthy living and promoting well-being in all age groups is essential for the sustainable development of society. Activity on the water at our wakeboard facility, in the fresh air, surrounded by greenery, trains and improves the immune system and has been shown to reduce health problems. 

Children and teenagers can discover their passion for water sports in a RIXEN cable park. It is a great opportunity for them to get away from their mobile phones and get more exercise in a safe environment. They will be motivated to learn how to swim. Equal and high quality education is guaranteed. We create awareness of the value of water through sport and fun: edutainment (education + entertainment).

Wakeboarding promotes gender equality. Women love the sport because it combines elegance and lightness with an action sport. Women and men have the same opportunities to compete at a professional level in cable wakeboarding. Our partner, the International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation, awards equal prize money to men and women in competitions, which is not a given in many other sports.

Wakeboarding is particularly beginner-friendly and can be learned in less than 30 minutes. It can be enjoyed by people of all ages, abilities and disabilities. We have democratised the sport, made it accessible to all population groups and evened out inequalities. RIXEN stands for “Wakeboarding for all” since 1961.

The challenge of urbanisation is growing in many regions. A RIXEN cable park offers people a regional and family-friendly destination. In cities and conurbations, it is a safe meeting place and recreation area for all age groups. It creates a sustainable, strong community that enjoys outdoor sports.

Through our extensive network, we give you access to our customers’ operational experience and know-how. We encourage collaboration between stakeholders and federations in nationally and internationally recognised championships. We stand for sports venues with a 0-emission approach. Our aim is to inspire more and more people to enjoy this wonderful sport and its social and sustainable benefits.

2. Planet

Several scientific studies have shown that the water quality at a RIXEN cable park is significantly improved due to the high oxygen input from the riders. With the use of an electric drive, the water is not polluted with fuels like conventional wakeboarding behind the boat. A study at Lake Salzgitter in Germany showed that the coliform bacteria detected were reduced to an average of 0.2% of the original contamination, which means that the number of germs was no longer in the measurable range.

The constant spraying of water at the wakeboard facility ensures a constant influx of oxygen. This significant improvement in the oxygen content of the water promotes fish growth, among other things. It means that cableways are comparable to artificial aeration. Biologically endangered lakes are given a chance to regenerate.

Conventional water skiing behind a motorboat is limited to one person at a time and consumes a lot of fuel. The RIXEN Full Size Cable can pull up to 17 people at the same time. The small electric motor emits zero CO2 locally, so there is no impact on the climate. Our system blends inconspicuously into the landscape. Noise is avoided thanks to the low-noise drive.

Every country on every continent is struggling with climate change. Cable wakeboarding is the most efficient and environmentally friendly way to practise this sport. In addition, a wakeboard facility is a sensible renaturation measure and long-term after-use for mine tailings.

3. Prosperity

As a sports, leisure and tourism destination, the RIXEN cable park attracts many people, contributing to the long-term economic viability of the region and the creation of Green Jobs. Other sports activities around the Full Size Cable or the establishment of hotels and restaurants can create a high synergy effect. Our cable park revitalises existing tourist areas or creates a completely new hotspot.

Technological advances such as “emobility on water” form the basis for achieving environmental goals such as improved resource and energy efficiency. Investing in sustainable infrastructure is crucial for sustainable development and strengthening communities in many countries. Since 1961, RIXEN has been helping its customers to succeed and to benefit from their investments for generations to come.

An off-grid wakeboard facility which is self-powered?

Success Stories

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