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Our profitability analysis shows that amortisation is already achieved after 3 years.

Holistic and sustainable concepts

Well-designed property developments need to create a neighbourhood where residents are happier, healthier and enjoy living there. They also should aim to foster community in a central location that gives residents a sense of belonging to where they live. A RIXEN Full Size Cable can help you achieve this – from increasing property values to providing more green space and outdoor activities. And with enthusiasm for wakeboarding at an all-time high and its particular appeal to nearly all demographics, our product could be the perfect anchor amenity you are looking for in your project.

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Your advantages by implementing a RIXEN Full Size Cable:

Water surface as a resting place and design element

Green leisure building block in urban development without carbon footprint

Diversification of attractions on the lake (Full Size Cable, SUP, pedal boat)

Ideal combination with golf courses / beach club

Perfect location for restaurants, cafes and stores

Increasing attractiveness and usability

Faster sale of the real estate with higher prices

Full size cable almost noiseless and visually inconspicuous

Ideal compensation area for temperature management of the overall project

You want to upgrade your Real Estate Project with a cable park?

Flagship Real Estate Project: Les Jardins de l’Atlas de Marrakech, Morocco

The Atlas Garden of Marrakech is one of the flagship projects of Palmeraie Luxury Living in Marrakech. This magnificent 150-acre resort is located 10 minutes from the city center and the airport. The project has a residential offer of 654 apartments, 373 villas and 158 pavilions.

Real estate

Les Jardins de l’Atlas de Marrakech, Morocco (Waky Marrakesch)

It is fully integrated and offers many local amenities, including an 18-hole golf course, clubhouse, restaurants, luxury hotels, and leisure and recreational facilities, catering to all needs, including a RIXEN wakeboard facility on a 3-acre lake.

“Due to the attraction of the RIXEN Full Size Cable in our project, we were able to sell apartments, villas and houses faster than ever before. Properties were sold within 6 months (average sales time is 3 years).” – Mohamed Ben Ouda, CEO Palmeraie Development Group

Success Stories

Water ski and wakeboard cableways all over the world tell their stories here. Discover which customers have already placed their trust in us and have been successful with it - in some cases several times over. Get first-hand insights into why our customers built the facilities, why RIXEN is a key element in their implementation, and learn how the customers' different visions were set up for success right from the start.