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Each cable park is as unique as the land on which it is built. It brings different challenges and possibilities that require experience with the technology, a deep understanding as well as a passion for the sport itself. Working out the actual layout of the cable park is a crucial step in the planning phase. Together we evaluate which of our Full Size Cable systems is suitable for your project and define the future layout in a coordinated and individual way.

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Land, permission and capital

Yes, we carry out site analyses.

No matter if lake or sea, former quarry, river or at an artificial lake we can build a cable park almost everywhere.

Length 250 m-400 m,

Width 120 m-200 m;

30.000 m²-80.000 m²

-90 m x 160 m

-Optimal dimensions of the water surface: length 250 m-300 m, width 100 m-200 m; water surface: 25.000 m²-60.000 m²

-Artificial lake: Optimal dimensions of the water surface: length 200 m-300 m, width 100 m-200 m; water surface: 20.000 m²-60.000 m²

The ideal cable park can be created with artificial lakes. These can be built closer to tourist centers or cities and can be optimally integrated into urban or tourist planning.

-Type of construction: foil lake, clay lake, gravel lake (with groundwater)

1.50 m (minimum), 2.00 m (optimum)

-Small cable park: 350 m - 490 m (5-7 riders)

-Medium Cablepark: 490 m - 630 m (7-9 riders)

-Large cable park: 630 m - 840 m (7-9 riders)

-FSC: 600 m-650 m (8 or 9 carriers)

-Master Basic: 80 m - 100 m

-Master Silver: 120 m - 160 m

-FSC: 1200 m (17 carriers)

-Master Basic: 150 m

-Master Silver: 250 m

-FSC: 5 or 6 masts

-Master systems: 2 masts (motor mast and tension weight mast)

-FSC: 10 m – 11 m

-Master Basic: 7,5 m

-Master Silver: 10,5 m

-FSC: 12 m – 14 m

-Master Basic: 9 m

-Master Silver: 12 m

-FSC: 25-32 km/h in normal operation, max. 58 km/h

-Master Basic: max. 30 km/h

-Master Silver: max. 42 km/h

-FSC: 26 m left and right of the circulation rope

-Master Basic: 13 m

-Master Silver: 13 m

-FSC: 50 m wide

-Master Basic: 25 m wide

-Master Silver: 25 m wide

-FSC: 22 kW motor, ø 11 kW/h, 100-150 kWh/day

-Master Basic: 7 kW motor, ø 3 kW/h

-Master Silver: 16 kW motor, ø 4 kW/h

-FSC: 4 weeks + 1 week training

-Master System: 5 days + 2 days training

-Full Size Cable + Installation

-Master System + Installation


-Safety Features

-Building with catering and proshop


-Rental material

-Booking system

650.000 € to 1.250.000 €

-FSC: 3.000 € / year spare parts

-Master System: 500 € / year spare parts

  1. Please fill out the contact form as detailed as possible (click here).
  2. If you have a lake or a plot of land available for an artificial lake, we will create the initial layout for you.
  3. Based on your information, we will design tailor-made layout options for your needs and will be able to provide you with realistic proposals in terms of the expected total investment costs.